NBA Finals

Since I wasn’t home I didn’t get a chance to blog for Game 1 of the NBA Finals or for that matter Game 4 of the Stanley Cup. I figured I’d drop in and remark on what could very well be one of the biggest statement games Kobe and the Lakers have had in the post season this year.


The Lakers–Did a good job spreading the ball around. Everytime a team shares the load they win, or barely lose. The Cavs failed to move the ball when it mattered, and ended up watching Game 1 at home. Although the Lakers didn’t have 5 players in double figures like past games, they infact were only 3 points away from having 6 players in double figures. (Fisher, Bynum, and Walton al had 9.) If the Lakers can keep that sort of production going they wil be hard to beat. Rest assured Kobe more than likely will have an off night and only score 26-35, but if the Lakers can keep moving the ball around and get goo production from players other than Kobe, they should be in good shape.

**an interesting fact– Phil Jackson’s Lakers teams are undefeated when winning Game 1…43-0


The Magic–This was not the coming out party that Van-Gundy and Superman were hoping for, but it was the sort of game that more than likely wont happen again in the series. A team will not shoot 29.9% from the field again, that is a bet I would take. And Howard wont go another game without atleast 3 dunks. The Lakers however play very good defense and if the Magic can’t find the 3 ball, they will live out the phrase of “live and die by the 3.” The Magic have one of, if not the most dominate big men in the leauge, if the Magive want to stay in this series they are going to have to get the ball to him, plain and simple. If they do that they’ll keep the inside outside game going.

Benches—I personally think the Magic’s bench is deeper, but it can be a hit-miss sort of deal. You can either get 25 points from the bench, or you can get 14. The Lakers bench is alot of the same way Odom, and Vujacic can both have big nights, but unless Walton remembers how to play basketball once every 3 games, the Lakers bench sometimes is only 2-3 men deep. That being said, they did play 2 more men off the bench than the Magic, so they do have the advantage of having more guys to call off the bench. This seires might come down to how the benches play. I’d expect the Magics to have a big night in atleast one of the games.


Final say—Lakers have the edge in this series, but the Magic could give them trouble if they can get it together. I’ll go Lakers in 6…and Kobe can win with out Shaq.


~ by blj1887 on June 6, 2009.

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