Penguins-Redwings Game 2 Thread

Hey everybody, its time to talk hockey! I think hockey is a very overlooked sport that is really way too much fun for people not to enjoy. Being brought up on Flyers hockey all my life its safe to say that Im rooting for the Wings in the series but am just looking forward to a good hockey game. Even though Im not Crosby’s biggest fan, I’ll do my best to blog the game as a hockey fan, as much as I hate to admit it, the Pens are a very good team and players like Malkin make hockey a fun game to watch.That being said……….Penguins and Red Wings

 Last nights game was a fast paced hard hitting game, but last years Stanley Cup champs came out on top 3-1…almost 4-1..what to

look for tonight? The Pens crashing the net harder tonight, and getting more pucks to the net. Last night Chris Osgood faced many shots that didn’t go through traffic, he’ll be able to stop that all day. If the Pens want a chance, they’re gonna need to get pucks at the net and through traffic.


Octopus droppin, I’d explain it, but its just easier to watch this video….and since it seems like it’ll be 20mins til they drop the puck, you may as well watch it while we wait..


Puck is dropped…time for hockey kids….


16.00–Pens make a quick surge but the Wings stuff it and turn it the other way.Marc-André Fleury  looks better in goal tonight, last night he was running around, so far he looks calmer. Thats a good sign for the Pens, however, the bad news is that the Wings have gotten good looks and the Pens haven’t set the puck up in the zone yet this game. They’ll need to change mommentum if they want a chance in this series.

14.00–Marc-André Fleury trips around the goal again and almost gives up a goal..when a goalie does that I call it a Fleury..atleast once a game he does something that I imagine makes Pens fans scream…having to deal with Biron as a Flyers fan I know their pain.

13.00–How this period is going, if the Pens can get out of it without being down they should feel good about themselves, there is alot of hockey to go in the first period, but if the rest of this period goes the same way it is going now, the Pens should be worried.

TIMEOUT–Shots on goal…Wings 6..Pens 1 (One of the Wings shots however was recorded from 110ft from the goal)

10.30–Pens finally get their 2nd shot of the game…coming from 64.5 feet out…so not exactly a shot that’ll get too many goals

While we run….skate back and forth across the ice…lets talk about passing.I’ve watched lots and lots of hockey, and I dont think I’ve ever seen a better passing team. Maybe somebody out there can think of a team, but the Redwings over the years play with some of the best fundementals that you will ever see. If you dont watch alot of hockey, make sure you watch the Wings play before you die…its even better when they play a crappy team so you can really see how good they are.

6.00–Pens are up to 5 shots on goal, so they’re getting better looks, Osgood is way out on top of the crease though which means he’s feeling good tonight, and when Ozzy is good he’s a tough one to beat, last nights goal wasn’t his usual stuff.

3.05–GOAL…a scamble around the net, at somepoint the puck is gonna go in. It may have gone in off a Wings player, but really its not a big deal. It went in the net…Pens 1-0

END OF THE FIRST PERIOD– This intermission is when I bake cookies…Im not joking cookies that you pop in the oven and cook in 10mins..see you in 15

If you were watching the peice on Chris Osgood..the song in the background was from National Treasure…I dont know why I know that..


(Just talked to my boy Jeff, as a Pens fan he assures me that Pens fans do in fact worry when Fleury handles the puck, but that even though the Flyers are 127-73-31 against the Pens {not counting this year} that it only matters what you’ve done as of late…so I guess that means they’re winning…nevermind the fact the regular season series was tied…)

anyway…hockey to be played..Pens should try and get another quick goal, that would change the dynamic of the game. I wouldn’t be suprised if the Wings came out hard too though, should be fun to watch.

17.24–Sorry for the delay I was grabbing my cookies…come back in time to get to watch Osgood pull a Fleury..

16.20–Malkin shoots it off the post and glove…great pass from Talbot, 99% of the time that goes in.

15.44–Lots of things just happend…they all involved flying bodies, pucks, and yelling from everybody.

15.20–GOAL…not sure if it was deflected or not…but a lazer from the blue line either way. 1-1

14.30–Almost another Wings goal but MAF got his glove on it and just barely kept it out. Nice to see great goaltending so far from both teams. Its pretty much back and forth 110%…this is playoff hockey at its best.

Ealier this evening I mentioned that the Pens had a shot from 62 feet out and you didn’t score alot from out there..the Wings goal was from 64.3 feet out…guess I was wrong.

Power play time…Im not positive but I think the Wings are ranked #1 in PP…I’ll look that up.

They are infact #1 in the regular season over the Caps by .3 % at 25.5…they’re 3rd in  the playoffs behind the Ducks and Blackhawks.Oddly enough they’re converting PP better by .2 % than they were in the regular season.

9.18–GOAL…amazing shot…youtube it tomorrow..2-1 Wings….in a nutshell backhanded at an angle that was almost inline with the net.

8.19–I love the interviews with the coaches of the teams…like what do you expect them to say?..Im waiting for the coach whos like..”yeah we got scored on, but I bet against us, so its really a win-win situation for me”

Random thought of the blog….the Ad with Ozzy using his phone to find rooms in his house…why is he suprised that he has a bathroom?…Im just sayin…usually thats the first room I find in the house.

3.45–Game has slowed down a little bit from its break-neck pace. The Pens have gained back some mommentum. Even if the Wings score before the 3rd, I wouldn’t be suprised to see the Pens to give a well fought final 20mins.

Speaking of Pens, I keep feeling like I hear Pens fans, its true “Lets go Wings” and “Lets go Pens” is similar sounding over TV, but I keep hearing people cheer about things that you shouldn’t be happy about if you’re a Wings fan. Even though Im not a huge fan of Pens fans, its nice to see that they’re going out and supporting the team on the road. I always have respect for that…2mins left, more skating around, waiting for somebody to make a mistake. Unless something changes I expect this to play out til the break

END OF THE SECOND PERIOD–Well I was wrong, even though nobody scored in the last 2mins, there was plenty of action. The Wings had some really good chances, but Fleury stood tall and took a…flurry of shots. He’s really keeping the Pens in the game. He’s been making great saves all night, and need the offense to pick it up now in return.

START OF THE THIRD PERIOD–Time to see who wants it more tonight, its anybodys game.

So far there have been some really hard hits, thats always good to see. One hit sounded like it was something you feel in the morning and for the next few days.

REVIEW–The puck never went in, but Im really not sure how it didn’t go in. Frankly that just isn’t fair, it hit everything but the inside of the net

17.00–GOAL..well sometimes you just want it more…1-3s really shouldn’t equal a goal but it does for the Wings…3-1…Pens need to respond quick if they want a chance…Im enjoying the Crosby chants

13.00–The Pens are trying, but it might be enough. A goal by the 8min mark or so could give them a chance to win/tie..but no goals between now and then means serious issues for the Pens. The Wings hardly ever give up leads, let alone big ones.

11.47–I love watching players trying to beat out icing…and the refs that try and catch up with them. …like lets be real….you have no idea who touched the puck first…but we’re glad you made a good effort.

6.15–In all honesty, unless something really really odd happens, this game is over, and this series is over. As a Flyers fan, I try not to lose hope, but lets be real..the Wings are out playing the Pens in every aspect of the game. Im not taking anything away from the skill of the Pens, or the talent they have…they’re just gonna have a hard time winning the series…that being’re  “suppose” to lose road games..and the win at home…all the Pens have to do is win one road game and hold home and they’re ok. But I really dont see that happening. We shall see.

.18..there isn’t a good way to explain fights on a blog…but it involved the usual punches and honestly..Malkin missing on a few punches..but I respect the fire, so I dont mind…games over..minus the 18secs left

FINAL–thanks everybody for reading along, keep looking and maybe I’ll just get a blog goin up without doing a live game thread. Stay tuned!

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  1. This series is over…

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