Lakers-Nuggets Game 6 Thread

Hello everybody! Almost time for tip, looks like its going to be an exciting game. Kobe and Co will have to come out in full force to keep Denver and the crowd from sending this series to a Game 7. I’ve got my Vitamin Water here with me cause like Kobe and Lebron I need my vitamins to play with my A game…


The Denver announcer has done a good job losing his voice, but I’ll give him credit, he is leaving it all out on the floor…although at times he looks like he may be better served as a rock singer. Van Gundy has started his usual stellar input on the game by stating that Denver has to make more baskets if they want to win….glad he’s figured out how this game works..

TIP.. LA controls the tip…lets see how it goes…nice ball movement but a missed basket. Loose ball foul and LA gets the ball back

11.20–Gasol gets the score after demanding the ball. Ever since he said he wanted more touches hes got them, and he’s scored…seems to work for LA…

10.30– 5-0 LA looking to extend the lead, but the ball is turned over

9.01–Mello finally draws a foul and gets to the line…misses the first…Denver has turned the ball over 3 times in 3 mins, they can’t keep that up if they want to win. The crowd finally sits down after standing for 3mins. 5-1 LA

(Side note, Ariza has a quick 5 points)

7.17–Kobe gets to the line and hits both 9-5 LA…the Lakers have been getting good looks, but they just aren’t shooting great so far. On the brightside they are playing great defense.


** Nuggets go the bench early on, JR Smith comes in at 6min mark

** Refs have been making moves that Ed Hightower would be proud of.

Back from a timeout…low scoring game, unlike the game that took place last night between the Magic and Cavs. Although this game shouldn’t have a mid 2nd quarter collapse like the Cavs had last night. Atleast I hope so…Im not sure I can watch that sort of thing again. An interesting note, Mello is 0-4 in games that could end the season.

3.00–Lots of running back and forth, this could be a Big Ten type game that ends with a 65-68 type score, thats doubtful though. JR Smith nails a three…could be forshadowing…15-11 LA

2.30–Billups hits a big three and makes it a 1 point game…17-16 LA…timeout

A great ad making fun of Kobe jumping over the car. If you haven’t seen it before heres the link, but the basic idea of this ad involved the Kobe and Lebron puppets, I hope that I dont see them replacing Elmo…

END OF THE FIRST QUARTER–25-20 LA The Lakers are getting good ball movement, so far every team that has played well has moved the ball well. The one suprise however is Trevor Ariza who hass 10 points already 4/5 and 2/3 from 3. Bryant  has 7.

START OF THE SECOND–Unlike TNT espn doesn’t lead into quarters with music, so there isn’t anyway for me to guess how the rest of the game will go based off the soundtrack…but I can tell you the Lakers keep moving the ball well and its 30-24 LA

** Defensive 3 seconds Techs…2 have been called so far…if you’re in the box thats baby blue…count to 2 and if you haven’t so

**Luke Walton is in the game…I dont care who your dad is, keep your mouth shut and dont ever shoot.Im rooting for the Lakers, but this kid has alot to learn.

8.41–Timeout LA 30-31 Nuggets, JR Smith hits a 3 and he has 11 points in 9 mins. He does some of the stupidest looking dances down the court though. If he ever plays at the BJC Im going to trip him if he skips past me. he reminds me of a player I hate from Cuse….

*Luke Walton passed the ball inbounds without fouling, and then gets the ball back and misses a shot..but its goaltending so it counts….lucky kid..32-31 LA

7.30--JR Smith hits another basket…and for once Luke Walton draws a foul…32-33 Nuggets

5.56--LA is up to 9 turnovers and its killing their chances of getting any positive motion going in this game. Kobe is annoyed but the Nuggets are playing solid defense, the crowd is hopping and the team isn’t going anywhere. Game 7 looks more and more likely, there is a lot of ball to play though folks.

*Side note, Land of the Lost better not suck for the number of ads I’ve seen. Although Will Ferrel is on Man Vs Wild on Tuesday at 9 on Discovery so I think that’ll be really funny. Just imagine Will eating a trout alive.

4.35–While JR Smith was skipping around the court the Nuggets managed to jack up 30million more bricks. But the Lakers are up to 11 turnovers with 4mins left and are getting a million chances to throw up more bricks. Meanwhile the Lakers are a nice 4/8 from three…the nuggets are offically 2/8

3.00–LA is on a 7-0 run timeout on the floor…time to get more vitamin water  39-33

2.35–Bryant starts to light it up. He looks like he could be shooting the lights out, but he is passing first. In the long run its what they need to win…Ariza hits his 3rd 3 and is up to 13 points….but just picked up his 3rd personal  44-37 LA

1.16–Bryant hits another long shot and its a 48-39 lead he is up to 11 points and 6 assists

28.7–50-40 LA…The Lakers are playing well and the Nuggets aren’t. Thats it in a nutshell…..Bryant hits a 3 with 4.3 left…then blocks Mello’s buzzer beater.

HALFTIME–53-40 LA, Bryant has 18 and was a big part in the Lakers 9-0 run to finish the half out. The Nuggets will need to play better defense if they want to keep their season alive and going. Time to grab some popcorn….Watched the halftime peice about the kid who is in a wheelchair and works for the Nuggets, kinda made me feel bad for rooting for the Lakers for how much he loves his team..

START OF THE SECOND HALF–Can Mello and the crew get it going and send it to game 7? Will Kobe shut the door and get ready for the NBA Finals? We’re 24 mins away from finding out. More like and hour and a half. But just 24 mins of basketball. If Denver is going to win it’ll take effort from the whole team, nobody but JR Smith has shown up, so they better hope somebody does if they wanna take another trip to LA.

9.54–Ariza picks up his fourth personal foul, but Kobe keeps knocking down and passing. The lead is the biggest of the night at 58-43…now 58-45

** Van Gundy makes a Hannah Montana reference which has cause me to punch a hole in his man card

8.22–Gasol hits another nice inside move shot he’s 3/4 but he could easily be 10/11 how he is playing. Luke Walton gets another foul adding more to his list of…”why do I ever play” life story. Timeout

**Denver is shoting 38%…Lakers are shooting 60%

7.00–Walton scores twice, I almost crapped my pants. Its 68-55 LA

5.03–Kobe hits an amazing And 1 shot, pure will power. 71-57, this game is very close to having it blow out

Carmelo Anthony

3.30–Luke Walton scores again and the draws the charge, I guess I spoke too soon about my boy Luke, as long as he never talks I dont have anything to say about him thats bad…79-59 Lakers

1.54–JR Smith doesn’t want to go home just yet…5 quick points to make it a 79-64 game. The Nuggets are gonna need some help to get back into this game, unless JR Smith is way better than we all think, he isn’t going to be enough to win it.Full Timeout.

I’ve been watching Discovery about the greatest events on the planet….let me say Im glad that Im not a bird…they literally get kicked off a cliff to learn how to fly. Im not sure I’ve got what it takes to live that life style…i dont really enjoy diving boards, let alone cliff diving.

45.7–Denver hits a few shots and its back down to a 12 point game 79-67…meanwhile Martin grabs a leg so they cant run away while he’s on the floor…everybody yells 4 and 5 letter words…but it was pretty much a Luke Walton type play…back up to 81-67

END OF THIRD QUARTER–83-67…this game is pretty much over as long as something wierd doesn’t happen. If the Nuggets get hot it could happen though, and playing at home, and being the last game of the year maybe for them, I wouldn’t be suprised to see another run come out of the Nuggets.

**Guess what, another ad for Land Of the Lost….


10.21–90-69 Luke Walton dunks….Im at a loss for words, before that Odom hits a 3….things are going bad for you if thats happening to you…

*Since we’ve got the time–let me talk to you about a little movie called “Drag Me To Hell”…now I enjoy a good scary movie, I watch lots of them and have seen many that have been actually really good movies. Now this movie looks pretty much awful…its bad enough when you’re sniffing a fly…its even worse when you are getting literally dragged to hell…dont watch it.

9.48–Meanwhile, Luke Walton forgets that out of bounds is a place you can’t take the ball, and goes out of bounds…Kobe gets to the line and its 94-74

7.42–Kobe slams home a sick dunk for his 30th point and meanwhile JR Smith nails a 3 and Mello hits a 2…its 98-82

6.13–Kobe doin work! another 3 he is up to 35 points and 9 assists 101–82 It may be time to pack the bags for the Nuggets and their fans.

I dont have tons of reasons why this made the thread, but Im sure somebody will find that to be funny

*meanwhile, van gundy announces that Kobe wants to win the Finals….really?..

5.45–Gasol gets another board thats his 10th to go with 16 points…then he gets fouled and hits both….103–82

5.00–JR Smith hits another 3 he’s up to 24 points, but nobody else has shown up

…the crowd is mad, and if this was hockey, people would be fighting on the court by now…the only problem is that unless you’re Ron Artest you can’t be fighting people.

On that same note game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals is tomorrow. Check back to see how I think thats going to go.

3.44–Lots of back and forth, Lakers hold the ball, Denver shoots it. 108-87

FINAL–119-92 Lakers

This game came down to execution, who could spread the ball. The answer was simple, the lakers. With 4 players in double figures and a good inside outside game, the Lakers have shown the world that whoever wins the Cavs-Magic series…they’re gonna have their work cut out for them. Thanks again for reading and check back for hockey!


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