Lakers-Nuggets Game 6 Preview

So tonight is a big game for both teams. A win for the Lakers and they’re the first team in the Finals. A Nuggets win sets up a game 7 in LA that could be one of the best games yet in an already drama filled playoffs. That doesn’t mean this game is short on story lines however, the last time LA played in Denver they got smacked around and lost 120-101.

This Lakers team is much different than the team we saw in game 4. The Lakers had 5 (almost 6) players with double digits in Game 5 and had almost 10 more assists than the Nuggets.

 Kobe Bryant

The key to prevent having to go home for Game 7 will be the Lakers playing to their depth. If Kobe can keep the ball spread around the Lakers should be fine, a solid showing from either Gasol or Odom will be key in the Lakers keeping their inside-outside game going. The benches should play an important role in tonights game and if JR Smith and Birdman have decent games it could cause problems for the Lakers. If the Lakers play to their depth and play good defense they should be fine. Look for Kobe to have a big game, but dont be suprised if the Nuggets bring the 3 ball tonight. This game could go either way…it could be a blowout by the Lakers, but its more than likely it’ll either be a close game that goes either way. Since its at home, I’ll give the Nuggets the edge and a 6 point win.

~ by blj1887 on May 29, 2009.

One Response to “Lakers-Nuggets Game 6 Preview”

  1. We can do it! Let’s go Lakers

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