Cavs–Orlando In Game Thread


Welcome to the feed, lets see how the Cavs come out and play. Crowd seems energized, and it doesn’t look like that Lebron is gonna let them lose tonight.

2:28 in the 1st: There really isn’t much to talk about, the Cavs are doing what they needed to do. Pass, shoot well, and play good defense. If they want to win though, even though they’re up by 22, they need to keep the pedel down and not let Orlando comeback. They’re a team that will play until the horn…the Cavs can’t afford to give up the lead

(Along with that, have to say sorry for the delay…)

2:20–Anthony Johnson makes 2 FTs to make it a 20 point game. frankly I feel like his skull is a few generations behind most of the human race. Its such an odd shape. Wally hits a long 2 to make it a 22 point game again. The magic look like they want to go home, but instead they’re going to go to the line again

58.3 ticks left in the 1st–Orlando hits a few shots and is no longer in danger of not getting 20 points in  the quarter…although they still need to score 4 more in the next 58.3 to make that happen..James misses a FT as soon as the announcer says he’s perfect from the line

END OF FIRST QUARTER: 35-18 Lebron bricks a long two….if you’re going to shoot from out there..dont do it with your foot on the line. Just drive the ball. On another note, Orlando didn’t hit 20…only 18..and Ben Wallace can’t dunk, but he keeps trying

START OF THE SECOND: TNT plays “Dream On” to comeback, which is either directed towards the chanecs Lebron and Co have on coming back in the series or the magic have coming back in the game

10.30 Wally gets Td up! He almost took an elbow from Howard who apparently has been watching too many Big Ten games this year and thought elbows were what you threw to clear space. The Magic in the meantime are now only down 12….so much for the lead. Keys to this game included passing….guess whats not happening?

9.33 3 point play for Howard, cuts the lead to 9, do you suppose Cavs fans ever wonder why their team can’t hold a lead? Lebron hits FT to make it an 11 point game.

7.51 The refs have started doing funny things like….waiting 5mins before blowing the whistle and then calling a foul. Lead is down to 8. Looks like the Cavs have done it again. Lebron wont drive to the hole dispite the fact he’s 10xs bigger than everybody else. He needs to do that.

7.03 West gets a nice 3 point play, lead is back up to 11. James is on the bench so they’ll  need to play smart while he’s getting his break

6.00 Van Gundy gets a T for arguing over a kinda dumb call while Mo Williams makes a 3, but it doesn’t count. Everyone is confused, and unhappy…

So apparently everybody is there…Jay-z..A-Rod..CC…..and Brady Quinn…but we know his workout isn’t done yet

4.05 Mo Williams hits a 3 he’s up to 15 points…Van Gundy calls a timeout and looks  as upset as ever…meanwhile the puppets are playing basketball..I’ll take “Kobe” because Lebron looks kinda creepy

2.18 Howard to the line again after doing lots of running back and forth its 52-44 Cavs after Howard gets the basket and the foul

55.2 Howard gets a dunk and its a 4 point game…if I was a Cavs fan I’d move to Philly because then I could expect the epic collapse from the team I loved having a huge lead and blowing it

HALFTIME 55-56 congrats, you’ve blown a 20+point lead…keys to winning were Mo Williams and assists…hes got 17 and they have 10 assists…but you’ve gotta play defense. If they keep that in the locker room, who cares how much you pass

Had to break in here to say Charles Barkley is singing and it makes me want to punch somebody…

START OF THE SECOND HALF– Mo Williams needs to keep it up, and so does the Cavs defense…I guess TNT has changed their tune…literally..leading back in with “Its My Time” by 3 Doors Down…so maybe its the Cavs time to go, or the Magics time to win, or the Cavs time to wake up? Idk but we’ll see…its a better message than Dream On was

10.45 Orlando up 4….its a sad thing to watch

Time for the action cam by Transformers….watch the Cavs transform into a crappy team

9.21 Its a 8 point game, the Cavs need to hurry if they’re gonna keep it together

8.54 And Mo Williams hits a 3…glad to see he read the pregame blog on here..up to 20 points 64-63 Magic

6.51 Z hits a nice bank shot and gets the foul, Cavs up 1 68-67…fought off the usual Magic 3rd quarter charge

The voice that goes “D-Fense” at Cavs games isn’t really sounding at all…its kinda like the Transformers are really in the building cheering for the Cavs

3.35  Magic turn it over and its the Cavs ball down 71-70…looks like it’ll be another close one down the strech

2.08 Mo Williams leaves the floor after bleeding from the arm…as the camera follows him he takes off his shirt…and then his pants…I thought he was only cut on his arm..tie game 73-73 Howard picks up his 4th

END OF THIRD 79-78 Magic–should be a interesting 4th quarter, the last 2mins there were pretty slow, back and forth bricks and a few free throws

START OF FOURTH QUARTER–Time to see if Lebron and co. can come out and make their money or if they can just walk home tonight

11.34--Mo Williams hits another long shot…although the espn gamecast Im checking stats on calls it a layup…I assure you it was from very far away…79-81 Cavs

9.46–Magic call a timeout called 80-86 Cavs…Zombie Nation is played and a rather large man drops his beer off the balcony….ouch

8.43–Petrius hits another killer 3 85-86…Reggie Miller tells everybody the Magic are pulling “A Rabbit out of their hats!”           

7.35–Lebron might be trying to do too much again. Cavs are up 88-85 but the ball movement is slowing down…get it to Mo Williams he’s on fire. Howard at the line again to cut it to a 1 point game

6.10–Mo Williams misses a 3 but dives out of bounds to deflect the ball so the Cavs keep it…lebron gets the and 1, and is at the line to make it a 2 point game 90-92….he’s got a triple double 13RB/10Ast/30pts

4.00 Gibson hits his 3rd three to give the Cavs a 93-97 lead. He’s really turned out to be the X-Factor…Lebron nails a step back two to give the cavs a 93-99 lead. Magic call a timeout

Games like these ones are the games that turn Lebrons into Jordans, not so much big shots like game 2, but keeping your team alive in a tough game…time to see what you’re made of Mr James..

2.22–and as if he is reading the feed…Lebron gets the And 1 and Howard fouls out..93-101 Cavs

1.30–Lebron nails another shot and Varajao hits a And 1 to make it 96-107….looks like we’re going to game 6. Should be interesting to see how the Cavs keep the energy up and how the Magic respond..

1.01— A few free throws later its a 9 point game…should be interesting, but its really a 3 away from being over

….ten thousand years later…31.2 its 102-111 Cavs…

FINAL- 102-112 off the work of Mo Williams 24 points, Lebrons triple double and a team that had over 20 assists…thanks for reading and I’ll catch you either tomorrow night for the Lakers or Sat for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals

~ by blj1887 on May 29, 2009.

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