Cavs-Magic Preview

Tonights game 5 could be the last time we see King James play this season. I hope they win, even though Im more of a Kobe fan, Im tired of seeing players who are slated to be the “next big thing” never getting to win the title. Sure he is a great player, but until he wins a few rings he can’t quiet reach that Jordan status. I hope they can win the next 3 and get that shot. I think that they’ll need a good team effort to pull it off though. The Cavs struggle when they dont pass, and thats been their downfall at the end of the close games–everybody tries to win it on their own. Good team play got them this far, and it doesn’t need to stop. Look for another good game from Mo Williams if the Cavs are gonna win tonight.

My gut feeling is that the Magic win in the 98-86 type game, but if Lebron shows up and plays well the Cavs could easily run away with this one and win by 15.

A little bonus down bellow…..Lebron James playing our man Jamelle Cornley in Ohio


~ by blj1887 on May 28, 2009.

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