Moving On…

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Like all good things, this one is coming to an end. I’m going to miss this site, but fear not! I’ve got a new one.

Follow me and all the Penn State action at my new site. VictoryBellRings. Thank you for your support and thank you for building this site into what it is. I wouldn’t be here without my readers.


The Blue White Game–The Basics

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As a kid growing up in State College I loved going to Blue White games, I remember sitting next to the Blue Band wondering why they had to play so loud and thinking about how cool it was to see Mount Nittany from the stadium (that is correct kids, the upper deck hasn’t always been there). Little did I know at the age of 7 what was really going on down there on the field. Of course I understood football, but I didn’t know how much pressure and how little practice the players had going into that game. Now many years wiser I present to you, Things To Remember, and Things To Look For at this weekends game.

Things To Look For–

1. Passing–Jay Paterno said earlier this week that “(This was out…)Last Spring Practice Today before the Spring game. We’ve pushed the QBs & thrown the ball more than any spring this decade.”

Now this could mean two things.Penn State is going to be a pass heavy offense, or Penn State’s quarterbacking needs a lot of practice to get it together. Chances are that it is somewhere in between. Young guys are going to need more practice, but Penn State isn’t going to win if they don’t make use of their seemingly expanding receiving corps. Joe traditionally likes to run the ball (surprise) but has been known to unleash the cannons when need be. Let us not forget Todd Blackledge threw for 12 TDs in the first 4 games of the 1982 season so Joe will open up if need be. Matthew McGloin is generally considered the gun slinger of the two quarterbacks, but if Newsome can control his arm and developes his mechanics nicely his feet should give him the edge. Keep an eye out for the quarterback who looks comfortable in the huddle, works well with the receivers and controls the pace of the offense. Don’t be suprised if McGloin gets the start with the first team offense. Continue reading ‘The Blue White Game–The Basics’


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This is what Craig James, and Mark May had to say about the Penn State–Alabama game this season. In their defense they were trying to change the topic after they had talked about Mike Leech and his favorite form of post-practice treatment. I’m pretty sure Leech put the wrong guys in the closet—- Continue reading ‘OMG SEC SPEED!’

Penn State Pulls Out Of the 76 Classic

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That’s sort of a embarrassing way to go about it.

File this one under, “who the hell knows why” but in Curley and Co’s excitement of building a vision for the program they have pulled out of maybe the most legit early season tournament they’ve been invited to. Remember the 76 Classic this past year had teams like West Virgina, UCLA, Minnesota, Clemson, Texas A&M, and some team called Butler in it. My gut feeling is that Curley is a little to worried about his vision coming to fruition and ED is slowing the pace just a little bit to build some sort of tension before showing off the mega-super-awesome non conference schedule they have built. Continue reading ‘Penn State Pulls Out Of the 76 Classic’

Abandon Ship!! Talor Battle to enter the Draft. Sort of.

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Keep your pants on, Talor isn’t going anywhere. Although he will enter his name into the 2010 NBA draft pool, he will not be hiring an agent. That almost guarantees that Battle will be back for his senior season and is just going to NBA workouts and to get a gauge on his stock and what he can improve on in his final year. As of right now 4 NBA teams have Battle anywhere from a late 2nd rounder to an undrafted free agent. Chances are Battle will be told to improve his speed and his shot consistency. If Battle can up his shot percentage a few clicks next year it could go a long way. Either way, Battle should learn a few tricks and put his name out there which will only help out the Nittany Lions.

“I’m just looking to see what’s happening for me out there,” Battle said by telephone today after a workout. “He wants to test the waters,” added Battle’s high school coach Rich Hurley.  Battle will not retain an agent meaning he can opt out of the draft until May 8th.  That is the deadline day when he must tell Penn State if he is returning to school or not. “He’s rated a late 2nd round pick to undrafted by 4 NBA teams,” Hurley said.  “So he’s on the board.” “I’m excited,” said Battle. ” But at the same time, this is what I’ve worked for my whole life.  Hopefully, I perform as well as I can, not be nervous and just be myself.  Continue reading ‘Abandon Ship!! Talor Battle to enter the Draft. Sort of.’

Help out a fellow Penn Stater

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Most people don’t ever get to know the people who run their favorite websites, but to those of us who frequent Tim Beidel has always been the friendly big-hearted guy behind the curtain. Tim has run the PSH site, taken care of any issues, and put together a site when the old one crashed. In a cruel twist of fate Tim has been striken with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, an infection that quickly causes paralysis. He is now on a respirator and can only communicate by moving his eyes. He is expected to recover, but times are hard for Tim’s family, and although we may not know him personally, family is something Penn Staters preach. You can get updates, sign a guest book, and visit in support of Tim’s battle here. Take the time to thank a guy who has busted his butt for a site that so many people love. Here is to a quick recovery.

Sitting Down With Tim Curley

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Now I wasn’t lucky enough to give Curley a piece of my mind, but the Center Daily Times got to sit down and ask him some of the questions that we’ve all got on our minds. For the most part Timmy said everything that we already knew, just using the same words in a different order. Honestly, its sort of disturbing, I’m all about being patient, and I understand that as a fan things don’t happen over night like we want them to, but it is pretty obvious that things aren’t going swimingly–we shouldn’t pretend that they are.

For your entertainment, I’ve included below the CDT’s questions, Curley’s answers, and my humble translation of my favorite questions. Check it out after the jump. Continue reading ‘Sitting Down With Tim Curley’